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100% cotton flannel--it just makes me want to cuddle with ds and my pets! Specifically--100% organic undyed fabric... SO soft!!!
although I'm really tiny-breasted I felt my brand new ergo was a "boob squoosher" until I moved the front straps up quite a bit. I adjusted it until the arm straps were about in my arm pits, and the front strap was WAY above my poor boobs. THEN it became amazingly comfortable--2 hrs walking the beach (we having done more than 20 mins straight of wearing the baby in 3-4 months!!!)
My sling started killing my back when my son hit 24 lb and 2 years old. I think it's height not weight for him--he's 3 ft. tall already and he just seemed to be "hanging" too much in the sling. I got my ergo for Mother's Day though--wore it 2 hours the first day and not a sign of back pain. So, I recommend a good back carrier when the baby hits 20 lb!!!
I enjoy lurking also--welcome to our strange little world . Sometimes it's hard (but still really cool) to be the only mom nursing a 2 year old (and planning to go as long as my son needs/wants to)
I LOVE Elephanten--ds has been wearing his for 6 mo. and they still look amazing--no scuffs or anything... I also like Stride Rite, but since he only has one pair of outdoor shoes at a time, I've been getting Elephanten. Be sure to get the feet measured at a reputable place. Then, you can get the shoes wherever they are cheapest--like Marshall's or TJ Maxx sometimes have the good brands...
maybe you could do a "trade"--return the TV and get your son a highly desired new toy--such as new bike, etc. That might cut down on the tantrum issue. My parents threw out the TV when I was 7 and my sisters and I never even missed it...
dh just ordered it for me for mother's day!!! I can't wait to get mine either--especially when I see posts raving about it
About the time I started getting uncomfortable with NIP, ds stopped asking when we were out (shopping, restaurants, etc). It was good timing--since I was never shy about it before ds hit 2 I didn't want to tell him "no". At 23 mo, he has stopped asking even at other people's houses... Of course he makes up for it by nursing a lot at home
I really loved that article in Mothering a while back called "A Cry For Connection"--which I think someone already mentioned. It was basically that you should be available for your child during the tantrum and hold them when they are ready for you to. I think, IMO, the article was saying you can't prevent all tantrums, nor is it your responsibility to stop the crying, but to be willing and ready to embrace and hold your child when they are ready. Dr. Sears also says in...
ds is 2 and absolutely refuses to wear covers. He's still cosleeping, but to keep him warm I give him 2 layers minimum when it's cold, plus make sure he has socks and Robeez on...
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