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Bromache: I'd heard the same from my midwife in Ottawa. The eye ointment is the law in Ontario. All the other things are optional. At my last appointment they were going through exactly these things, I found the midwife (who wasn't my regular midwife) kind of discouraging of all the things. But I'm getting it done. DD1 had the vit k shot and she never got jaundice.
Walking without pain.  Bending over.  Getting up. Getting down. Being able to put the baby down. Sleeping.
T is for Talia, my DD1's name.
Breastfeeding. Glad you guys were able to overcome it. I NEVER produced enough breast milk regardless of what I did. I took all the herbal recommendations out there, the highest dosage of Domperidone I could safely take, Pumped like a champion. DD1 had a tongue tie that wasn't cut until she was 8 days old and it took 3 months to teach her to latch properly. Even then, I still could not keep with her needs, so yeah, I supplemented with formula. Because at the end of the...
Crocs. They ugly, but they're easy to put on and my feet don't hurt like the last time. DD1 is also wearing crocs because I can't be bothered to bend down and put shoes on for her. She can put them on herself, and will switch crocs from one foot to the other when told "Wrong feet."
F is for François.
Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.   The most surprising pregnancy symptom I've had so far is...
We can only give guesses as a whole. The ultrasound would be able to give you an answer. It is, however, your choice.
True.   The person below me LOVES being pregnant.
Attempt #2 at breastfeeding. I hope it goes better this time.   I cannot wait to...
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