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I am repulsed by eggs during both pregnancies. I actively avoid eating them. I do not have any swelling.   But I think it helps that a) my BP is 100 over 70 b) I don't generally eat a lot of salt c) we have central air at home and at work
A is for Aiden.
Y is for Yannick.
R is for Rory!
B is for Boadicea.
E is for eating. Cause Om nom nom nom nom.
I eat sushi all the time. Hell, it's what we did to celebrate the pregnancy was to go out for sushi.   I've had a delicious glass of red wine.   I eat lunch meat (sandwiches are so easy, and standing is painful.)   I sleep on my back most of the time. I do switch from side to side fairly often, but I'm most comfortable on my back.   I take Gravol to help me sleep, which gets me 4.5 - 6 hours of sleep per night instead of less than 3. Which is important if...
 I don't count kicks. She's very active, so it's not a concern for me. I think I understand what OceanSolitude is saying. She likes the reassurance that the baby is active and alive, but could easily do without the discomfort.
W is for water as that is one of the few places that I feel comfortable in is when I'm submerged in water. Also, water breaking, so that I know that this 42 week long agonizing hell is over.   (If I had gotten V, it would have been for Vasectomy, because I am not doing this again.)
  I'm planning on that again this time around, too.
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