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DD1's name is Talia Elizabeth Anne. I had Talia picked out since I was 12 and I saw it on a TV show. Elizabeth and Anne are her grandmothers' middle names. Their first names are Delores and Carole which I don't like at all.   DD2 will be Gwendolyn Ruth Aimée. DH picked Gwendolyn, Ruth is his maternal grandmother's name, and Aimée is a family name from my side. It's French and it means loved. I can't think of a better name for a child than that.   If DD2 had been...
I is for Irritation. Don't piss off the angry, pregnant lady.
Last time, people were all, you're going to text me when you go into labour, right? Nope, you guys can watch facebook. I'll post something there. I'm not going to spend my time in early labour texting 20 people to tell them I'm in labour. I have better things to do and some screaming to get done. Same thing this time.   Although this has made me fondly remember the facebook birth announcement and accompanying baby picture: Taken when she was 15 minutes old. .
Jennyanydots: DD1's name is Talia. Neither my husband nor myself have a drop of Israeli or Arabic blood in our veins. If you like the name, and so does your husband, just go for it. The only time I'd ever had an issue is with my brother-in-law's family who lives in Scotland and they asked him if I was 'ethnic'.
Choose not to get an ultrasound. That's fine.   Choose not to use the doppler, whatever floats your boat.   Don't judge people because they choose to have the ultrasound and to use the doppler.   We are all mothers here, and we are all doing our best for our babies. Putting someone down for using something that you wouldn't makes you no better than those who put you down for not using them.
Cardboard box.   http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22751415
Show off all those Mommy Tiger Stripes!
  Women who have had miscarriages in the past, particularly late ones, tend to do this for sanity's sake. Otherwise, quite they'd be in a state of panic and fear all the time that they'd lost the baby. It gives a sense of calm knowing that they can hear the heart beat.
My belly button never popped for my first pregnancy, I doubt it will this time either (though I could be wrong.) Though I did get three stretch marks coming from the top part where I used to have a belly ring. Maybe that`s what`s kept it from popping.
THIS. SO THIS.   And I'm doing it a second time, too. (What the hell was I thinking? I'm never doing this again.) Labour is my second favorite part of being pregnant, because that means that the nine circles/months of hell are FINALLY OVER. Seriously, is it September yet?
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