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We're not scheduling per se, but are tracking and making sure our LO goes down at the right time. At this age, they really don't need to be up more than an hour and a half (or two hours). So our days look something like this: up at 6:30 am nap at 8am up at 9:30 nap at 11 up at 11:45 nap at 1:15 up at 2 nap at 3:30 up at 5 nap at 6:30 up at 7:15 bed at 8:30/9   Now, not every day looks like this...but I do try to get her to go down for two...
Bambi, that is so awesome! Big congrats to you for sticking with it!! I left Bea home with BF this morning (she was napping) so I could run to work and try to get a little something done. BF said he'd call when she woke up and wanted to nurse. I get home 2-1/2 hours later to find she's been awake almost the whole time, and that he's given her a bottle from my (very small) pumped stash! I'm thrilled!! I've been so worried that she wouldn't take a bottle from him, or that...
Bea at 9 weeks! She's so impatient to be up and about--on her belly, she uses her toes and pushes until she's off the blanket. And yesterday she kept wanting to sit up! She was waving her legs in the air and trying to lift her head off the bed at the same time. I just don't think I'm ready for all this yet!
Congrats Cali and Stormysky!
Bea is most likely our first and last babe--the pregnancy was hard enough on me that I can't say I'd be looking forward to it again. And we can't really afford to have another, there's that, too. BF and I have been together for just over two years, and have used condoms and charting to avoid pregnancy. I don't want to be on hormonal birth control (I was an egg donor 10 years ago, and did not react well to the hormones that I was on for those months getting synced), and I...
The birthing center gave me one--it definitely makes my insides feel less like jello. And it helps me to stand up straighter--I've been hunching over a lot so my incision doesn't pull quite so much. The few times I went out without it, driving over bumpy and pothole-y roads made me nauseated, and the binder totally helps with that, too.
Yay, Kate! ELV to you, mama--you got this!!
Congratulations! And I love her name!
Yay! Congrats bmcneal, and welcome baby Oisin! Well, I don't think any of us could have predicted that this week would be our ddc baby boom, but here it is!
Got a text from IronMam at 5:27EST: Theodore is here! 4.5 hours of labor. Born at home, in water. Everybody is doing great. Hooray! Congrats, IronMam and welcome Theodore!
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