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welcome jam and congrats on being in the TWW lovingisliving...and those entering it soon!   twomommy, for now you can move me to Taking a Break, and if we decide to try (which won't be until Feb. 20 about, with my longer cycles), I will let you know! we are really in the midst of discussing whether we want/need that break, and all the pros and cons. The tricky thing is that we would have to take March off as well because of KD's schedule...   Our KD is getting...
hey everyone! yes, kwpx2, we are probably going to take a break here for a bit. we don't know for how long. we may still try in february, but we are thinking it over.  I might need the time to focus on myself and getting fit, drinking some beer and being with DP. it's hard to stop when you have started, though, you know? hmmmm...   hope everyone is well!   friederike, FX!!! excited for this next week for you! 
so sorry, KWPX2! It's never easy. Sounds like you have a good perspective, though!
kwpx2, FX!!!   carmen, thanks a bunch. lisedea told me that, about the fertile cycles post-chemical... I never knew that! so cool! 
thanks again guys!   easttowest, you are the best! I am going to try to keep that in mind. we are doing everything right! xoxo   kwpx2, thanks! good luck to you in the coming days, really rooting for your BFP!!  You are so right, partners are amazing and important (for those of us ttc with a partner). Jonah is my rock! Such a good Capricorn, he is!   this group is so ridiculously awesome, you know that, right guys?        
pretty sure I just got AF. looks like it was a chemical pregnancy, due to the faint BFPs. called nurse today, but since it's so early I suppose it will be like a regular period. feeling pretty bad, but DP is very supportive and loving. we'll make it through. going to evaluate and see if we will be trying next month. only have so much emotional capital, even if we do have a KD.   thanks everyone for your support. really sorry for the roller coaster the past few...
thanks twomommy. pretty much looks like I'm out, right? I mean, I am grasping at the wind here, but I think there are a few charts out there where it drops this late and then rises again, however not very often. 
thanks, easttowest. tough times, here! just waiting ..
Here is my chart. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/scorpioma/   Thanks for the shiny new thread, twomommy!
Temp dropped and AF like cramps. No period but I'm feeling scared. Just an update. FX still, okay? Not feeling so positive.
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