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OMG twomommyfamily, congrats! I am obsessed with dogs (we have two) and LOVE adoption! CONGRATS!!! Thanks for the vote of confidence on the timing- it looks pretty promising. Now the wait. Even with perfect timing, we just never know!  TWW... must keep sane! I was so insane last TWW that I plan to stay really distracted this month to avoid that state at all costs. I'm gonna pour myself into work, essentially. Lol. lizbian, SO happy about knee surgery- that is the BEST....
KWPX2, yay for trigger! Sounds like something out of Harry Potter with the red/black hair! Wild!   and thanks, esenbee2. So much love your way.
Darcy, SO awesome! Get it! This is going to go your way!   fmorris, what is your next step with insurance/testing?   Quick update: insemination went well last night, mucus is a little more dried up and more sticky (although somewhat stretchy, too?) and temp jumped.  Yikes! Yay! I always get a little nervous waiting for confirmed O from FF!
And twomommyfamily, yoga is perfect! And exercise, lots, and talking/processing - and planning helps me calm down during ttc/insem. stress.
from tonight.   KD: "I am just really worried that it isn't enough... Like that it's less than last month!" DP: "No, I think it's actually quite a bit more than last month, and it's plenty! We measure it when it is in the syringe."   :crickets:   DP: "Well, Sarah baked you some cookies, I know it's not much of a thank you, but here you go!" KD: "Why thank you..."
whatever. Lizbian, tell DW that CM is SEXY!   *insemination tonight and if temp. doesn't jump in the morning, again tomorrow, escher. 
YAY DARCY! In my opinion, that is DEFINITELY a positive! When are you scheduled for insemination? Weird, I always thought the cheap strips are more sensitive than digital... I will have to look into that!    Anyways, YAY. +OPKs always make me feel so much less stressed, congrats!
LOL to Sphinxy's dream! Amazing! That is epic...   Got my + OPK today at 10:30am, so insemination tonight and or tomorrow. Tonight is probably safer, yeah? KD is flexible... Which would YOU do? Tonight, tomorrow morning, or tomorrow night? Lol.   Darcy, some of us order internet cheap OPK strips, and then confirm with Clear Blue, which is MUCH cheaper. Check http://saveontests.com, which is where we get ours. Anyways, I TOTALLY feel you on the long cycle, it is...
yes, thank you Pokey 
granite, oh my word, you are so cute! send us all one! (just kidding, of course)   escher: insemination was good- waiting for OPK, but because I def. in the fertile window and my temp dropped tonight, we will be doing another insem. tonight- although I except the OPK today. are you using a KD or sperm from a bank? when is your insem. scheduled?    sotohana...that looks like a pregnancy chart to me... FINGERS CROSSED!     afm... as I mentioned above...
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