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sotohana, thanks for starting this!  awesome & thanks for sharing, all... This is my 4th try and I am grateful that many of you shared you have had 4 (or more) tries! Gives me much more hope!   Alright, folks- keep 'em coming!   xo Sarah 
fmorris, keep testing with OPKs to make sure! sometime FF can be wrong if you keep temping, they might change the day of O...  and thanks for the well wishes- I really think I will get a + tomorrow!
The majority of my close friends have babies, with the exception of people in my law school, who are not there yet (I am a tad older than most there, at 28). There are MANY queer couples here have babies by donor sperm, a few by adoption (I live in Ann Arbor, MI- a lesbian haven). DP's professors actually had the experience of one partner carrying the other's egg. The dream! It makes me feel a little insane at times, actually, how many people have babies here, as I...
hahahah Cordelia, sperm and crackers? Amazing.  My DP drives to KD's house and picks it up, which makes him the "Sperm Chauffer."  LOL!   Thanks, I have not gotten an +OPK yet, which is frustrating on CD20. I will test a few more times today and just keep being patient. Last night's insem. was sort of insurance in case I miss my surge... I hate having long cycles! Last month I got my + on CD20...   http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/scorpioma/
Example. This happened on our first night inseminating w KD.   DP: "Hey, which jar do you want to use?" KD: "Omg, that is a big jar! well, um, I am not going to like, fill it up or anything..." DP: "No, no of course not, well, we just wanted you to be comfortable..." KD: "I will take the small one."
thanks everyone!     Sphinxy, Can you move me to Waiting to Know? I may not be on here again tonight! Thanks!    DP is going to pick up the sperm tonight at 9 (he drives to KD's house, which is only 10-15 minutes away, and waits in the car. KD comes down, they exchange awkward small talk, and DP brings the sperm home in a jar wrapped in a towel. We have a routine! HA!) I will of course announce when FF has confirmed my O, but it takes a couple days so it's...
So who is testing soon in the TWW?   And which ones of us are entering the TWW this week? Me, Darcy, Sphinx, maybe granite?   We are doing our first insem. of the month tonight!  
merstone,    CONGRATULATIONS! Wishing for a sticky bean, keep breathing, this is great news! We will cross all fingers and toes for you while you get another conclusive BFP!   Sphinxy: How are things looking with the treasure hunt? Ha! Glad the swimmers are here!   Love this part, right? I am waiting too, for my OPK! EWCM is here but the waiting never ends!   granite, YAYAY! So glad you may still be able to O! I have "longer" cycles too (no PCOS, so not...
Lindsey,  You are BADASS!
CONGRATS LINDSEY!!    So awesome, what a good month for this board!   Saw RE today, he doesn't want to do any testing yet (an HSG maybe down the road) because everything looks good... Great luteal phase, other signs good, regular period & O... Just gonna keep plugging away. Possible HSG if there is still no pregnancy down the road.   KD still hasn't gotten results, not sure what we're doing this month yet, haha, I got EWCM yesterday so we might have to sit...
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