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i spoke with dr. paula's office today... they said they are only taking kiddos who are up to date on their vaccines :/
We hope to move back to Tyler when our baby is around a year old... Any recent issues related to the Docs listed above? Here in Florida, my friends have been getting notices from a formerly vaccine friendly pediatrician who is now dismissing them as patients because of there beliefs in delaying and/or not vaxing. Hopefully this isn't the case in Tyler... Thanks:)
Nora really IS all that and a bag of chips;)
Congrats! That's so happy to hear! Maybe Nora could be my midwife... CHECK YOUR EMAIL MRS. HERNANDO!
How did your HBAC go?
So many documents... man, that seems like a LOT to handle! My husband is from Nicaragua but has his cedula in Costa Rica. I should be able to claim residency through him alone, from what I understand. I'm so glad to hear that Dr. Paer really IS all that he's cracked up to be! Makes me feel a lot more at ease for when we're permanently relocated to CR! If I do have this soon to be first child in Costa Rica, do you know off hand if she/he would have dual citizenship (CR &...
Thanks for responding so quickly! :D We live in the Tampa Bay area which is about a 5 hr drive from Boca Raton. :( I'll keep searching for well spoken of midwives who are willing to take on my situation within a few hours from home. But Costa Rica definitely is a possibility, especially for the add on kids in the future LOL
Hi, ladies! My husband and I are TTC and are really looking into where we want to have our prenatal care/ L&D/postpartum care. Unfortunately for me, I'm considered "high risk" here in the states because of my history of epilepsy. And even though I've been seizure-free (with the help of my medicine) for almost a decade, it seems as though no birth center will touch me with a ten foot pole! I dream of having an all-natural water birth, outside of the hospital setting. I...
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