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I think Valerie Monterrey is still in that area? She's good people. :D
Not a pediatric allergist, but the doctors at Quakertown are excellent at taking a holistic approach to allergies. I'm seeing them for myself for that, they do also see children. http://www.woodmed.com/   I think for an actual pediatric allergist, most folks end up traveling to Philly.
Can you search journals etc for writings by nurses in other countries? European nurses must deal with this a lot.
Ugh. First trip there, husband was there for excrutiating stomach pain. They made him wait several hours before he could get in, and put a whole bunch of sniffles and ear infections type stuff in before him. I wish we had just gone on down to LV. But every time we asked they said "oh, you're coming up soon."   Then he burned his face at work, and someone drove him there (which he REALLY should have gone to LV for, jeez they have the regional burn center!). Well, he...
Have you looked into the Brewer diet? It's a very different approach to the usual recommendations for high BP, but it has had some remarkable results. http://www.blueribbonbaby.org/   Are they using the correct size bp cuff? Are they allowing her to sit still and relax 15-20 minutes before taking it? Has she tried taking it at home to rule out white coat hypertension?
Wrap up a nice copy of Emily Post or Miss Manners or something and give it to her as a wedding gift.
It's a good idea in general to make sure the baby stays with you at all times, barring any medical crisis. There is no routine reason that mothers and babies should be separated in a hospital birth, and I would fight tooth and nail to keep that from happening.
I used to have a friend years ago who was born with one kidney. She was not circumcised, and did not have any infection problems or ill effects from the combination of one kidney and intact genitals.
Have you looked into http://www.emersonlilyfreeschool.org/ ?
Even for a bath they should not be doing that. For one thing, a bath is not in a newborn's best interests. For another, there is no reason a bath could not be performed in the postpartum room. And another, I would not trust them to do it out of my sight-- they can be very brutal sometimes. And often they decide that the bath has chilled the baby too much, and instead of warming baby on mama, they warm him under the lights and observe, leading to even more separation. I...
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