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Which in your opinion is the better option? We have a deep garden tub but of course it's not soft like a birthing pool would be. I've considered getting a kiddie pool but wouldn't I need to buy extra supplies to go along with it? What are some things to consider when deciding which to have a water birth in?
None of the hospitals here seem to have anything related to preemie blanket donations, however they do take breast milk donations. I may just have to do an internet search and see what comes up.
Hi, I'm not a mom to a preemie but I would like to donate blankets to a foundation for preemies or to a NICU. I like to sew so I'd like to make my own blankets. Are there any charities, foundations, or hospitals you can recommend that I can mail the blankets to? Thanks in advance :)
She's a licensed midwife in addition to being a CPM.
This is what I was looking for. Thank you! So maybe I'm misunderstanding what it's saying. If a midwife was licensed after 1992, does that mean he/she would have to obtain a prescription from a physician?
Does anyone know if it's legal for a certified professional midwife in Florida to administer medications? I looked up the Florida statute for it but all I could find was a midwife can give drugs with a prescription from a doctor. My midwife doesn't work with an OB.
Feel free to elaborate in comments.
I live in the Miami area and am pregnant with baby #2 (just found out Monday!). I'd like a home water birth this time around. Can anyone recommend a midwife in the Miami or Homestead area? Thanks.
True. I'm sure my dentist is just trying to save his own skin in case something does happen. I read that most doctors use the Physician's Desk Reference for drug safety and that information comes from the drug companies themselves. Of course pharmaceutical companies want to escape any liability so they say these drugs are unsafe with breastfeeding, even if clinical trials and research have deemed them to be safe.   I've noticed that the studies done on breastfeeding moms...
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