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Thankyou so much for your advice and tips, i had my blood pressure checked and it was fine and he also took bloods to check for anything else and they came back fine too, will try reflexolgy, i hope that works. xxxxx
I had my baby boy on 25th may 2012 by emergency C-section because he was 2 weeks late, and ever since i have had severve water retention in my lower legs and feet and it is so bad that they hurt like made, i find it hard to wear shoes and i can not take my baby boy out for walks as the more that i do the bigger they get and more painfull they become, sometimes they are so bad i can't even bend at the ankles. I went to the doctors a couple of weeks ago after waiting this...
Need advice on water retention after birth.   My baby boy is now 4 months old and ever since had him via emegency C-section because he was 2 weeks late i have been unable to shift all the water retention in my lower legs and feet, they look horrible and hurt all the time, i am unable to go out walking with my baby for some gentle exercise as the more i do the bigger and more painfull they get, i have been to the doctors twice and have been told that it is fat, i know...
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