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Hoping for some inspiration!  I get to spend one afternoon/evening/night in Portland this coming weekend with a friend & neither of us are very familiar with the city.  We are staying at a downtown hotel (on SW 11th Ave) and I would love ideas about a nice way to spend the evening.  Great place to eat?  Hear music?  Walk?  Anything else?
Also from Seattle ... welcome Robyn!
The Guardians of Ga'hoole series actually has 15 books so that will occupy a kid for a while.  There is a spinoff series by the same author (Kathryn Lasky) about wolves that is awesome (Wolves of the Beyond) that she seems to be still completing (two books are out so far). 
... so last night, DD (6) says "Miss X [her teacher] did something kind of cruel." [Me:] "Oh really?  What did she do?" [DD:] "She made us sign contracts promising to practice our spelling." [Me:]  "What's cruel about making sure you know how to spell?" [DD:]  "Well, contracts have to be voluntary, and this wasn't."
responding to an earlier post (that I meant to quote) that the "aggravator" in many child sex abuse cases charged as aggravated assault is simply the child's age, not any particular injury or har other than the obvious one of being sexually abused as a young child -- yes, in most states this is the case.   not suggesting that that sheds any light on this particular situation, but those who believe that the "aggravated" label means something besides sexual abuse...
For context, I skipped kindergarten & then was radically accelerated when I was 12, in 7th grade, when I entered college.   Before early entrance into college, I was also "happy where I was."  I was a conformist kid who did not rock the boat and was not falling apart due to boredom.   I handled boredom well :)  Also, my junior high principal was great about allowing me to have math placements that were unheard of for my grade level, and responded well to my parents'...
I really, really urge you (OP) to have your kid evaluated by a developmental optometrist who is certified by COVD -- www.covd.org.  Discussed here.   Check out this thread, which I started one year ago to figure out why my super-smart little girl, then 5.5, could not read even though she seemed to really want to.  I got great advice, particularly from posters laundrycrisis & lauraloo, to have DD evaluated by a certified developmental optometrist.  Lauraloo (at post...
Is the public Montessori program you mentioned an option for your DS?  A good Montessori program should solve the boredom problems, as there is no age-based lid or ceiling on the content kids can move through.
  Just want to say how much I appreciate you sharing this.  My super smart daughter was/is not an early reader, mostly (I think) due to serious vision issues (that women on this board helped me figure out).  But regardless of why, I really appreciate the affirmation that some gifted kids are not early readers (yet end up to be great, avid readers).  
Yet another with a child (now 6) who never crawled, went straight to walking on her first birthday.  I wouldn't worry about it at all at this point. 
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