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I'm so sorry.
If she's your best friend, I would find a private moment to tell her before the party.   For bride number two, no you should not expect to be let go.
My boobs are visibly larger. The boyfriend is enjoying it. :-P
I had some pink spotting, brown spotting, and actual bleeding (no clots, no cramps, no pain) around the six week mark. The cervix is very easily irritated during pregnancy.
I consider myself older because it's been a while. I had my first at 24, my second right before I turned 28. This one is due a few months before I turn 35.
I'm considering just plowing through and getting it done. It'll depend on what classes I'm able to get this summer. If I can get two that I need, I'll have four left and can finish in the fall. If I can only get one, then I will have to do one more semester. I think I'm going to see how this semester goes and what summer classes I end up with and decide then. I'd rather fly out to Colorado for graduation in May than December anyway. Another consideration is that my baby...
I have presentation that was due a week ago. :-(
I'm 8 weeks and 3 days. I have an ultrasound scheduled on Friday and (if the ultrasound is good news) my first prenatal appointment with the midwife on Saturday.   I am tired, hungry, have slightly sore boobs, feel the tiniest twinge of off-ness if I wait too long to eat, am bloated, constipated, and get heartburn. The lack of morning sickness is disconcerting. I've read tons of stories of women who had it in some pregnancies and not in others. The optimistic side of...
I'm in school. Taking three classes. Supposed to finish this December. I have dropped the ball and it is affecting my grades. I need to catch up, but I'm so distracted.
I'm still in shock. It was unplanned and I'm hesitant to be excited since the last one ended in missed miscarriage at nine weeks. I have sore-ish boobs, hunger, fatigue, and feel a little off if I go too long without eating, but no real morning sickness at all. I'm eight weeks and two days today. I've got an ultrasound coming up on Friday, so I hope that will set my mind at ease. I want to be excited and planning.
New Posts  All Forums: