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nak, if you aren't set on sewing a costume, last year we went as Peter Pan characters. this is what we did: J was Peter Pan. He wore thick dark brown tights for a bottom. His tunic was an oversized green t-shirt. I just cut the sleeves and bottom of the shirt jagged. I used twine for a belt. I did sew a hat and a sword out of felt. For the hat, I folded it the same way we used to fold hats out of newspaper, cut out the extra fabric, and stitched it enough to hold its...
Ours are in a big open-top wooden box is Cys room. I went through them last night and sorted out the too small stuff. Now its not overflowing but still full
I have a size 9 Hotsling I tried it on but never wore. We are nonsmoking but have a dog.
I think that is a great amount. I was thinking it would be much higher
what is the post count requirement?
Saw these at a craft show and decided Cy and I would make them for an aunt, MIL, and one for us http://www.ssww.com/item/whirligig-w...kit-GP1255/#p1 Directions are near the bottom as download pdf.
Quote: Originally Posted by Coconut Chronicles DS' present to everyone is going to be this ornament. I have about 30 to make. Those are awesome! If I hadn't already bought material for the ornament swap I am doing I would so be making those. A friend posted a list of tutorials for gifts for toddlers on her blog this morning http://codenamemama.com/2010/10/06/make-your-own-gifts/
that is so cute! I may have to play with white ones and see if I can find a way to dye them. I'd love to see if it could be done in a rainbowy stripe
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