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We about 30 mnutes or so south of Cape
Another wrapping paper idea: We went to our local newspaper office and asked if they had any of their roll ends left. They usually charge the general public for them, but not educators. We are homeschoolers so they gave it to us for free. It had paper at least six inches thick left on the roll. We are going to be decorating it with potato stamps and markers and wrapping our gifts with it this year. Also, instead of buying bows, I am using yarn and strips of fabric to...
that is awesome!
we are doing cpt hook and peter pan this year. I found a wms small maroon shirt at Goodwill, Cy is wearing it with black pants, one of my white scarves as his cravat, and a hat and hook from his dress-up box. The baby (but easy to do for a bigger kid) is Pan. He is wearing brown tights and a too big for him green shirt. I cut the bottom of the shirt jagged and am braiding a yarn belt for him. I bought a small piece of brown felt to make a wooden sword and a piece of green...
nak, ooh great question. ds gets hi-five and big backyard as a gift subscription from family. i am going to look at ask and click as a gift from us.
i like fetching
Are we gonna get the move we've been wanting anytime soon?
We are just south of Cape. I have a 5yr old and 6 month old. Send me a pm if you want. Not sure on ped. we are struggling with the one we use, but I can help with which OBs not to use.
not really a pattern question I guess, but anyway... I am trying to access a couple of LTK patterns I bought a while back, and it is asking me for a password. I looked at the invoices I have and there isn't anything about a password on there. I have used them before without a password so I am thinking its something new. Do I need to just email Theresa?
I am heading to Cape next week as long as the rain has stopped. If anyone wants to meet up send me a pm
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