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just bumping up a little in case there are new mommies
So jax has the patchy white spots in his mouth. I am not having any pain yet (knock on wood). I picked up acidophilus, and dh is picking up GV and grapefruit seed extract on his way home. I also called and got a prescrption called in for Jax, the nurse would only do nystatin. I asked her about me she said to use an over-the-counter anti-fungal cream just to make sure i washed it off before he nursed. Has anyone heard of doing that before?
nak... before going in for my last OB appt. (which we left and went straight to hospital for induction after) i tried at home EPO, tons of pineapple, eggplant parmesan, Come Out Baby hynobabies mp3. Two days before I saw the accupuncturist. Two nights before the appt I started nipple stimulation and pressure points. Two days before, I started having regular contrax, they didn't increase in intensity but were consistent. The day of induction at hosp. I did a lot of both...
Jaxon was born yesterday morning March 6th at 7:32 am. He was 7lbs 12oz and 19.5 inches long. He has a head full of dark brown hair and eyes that are brown. I was induced with pitocin at 7pm I was dialated to a 3 an "very squishy" going in. At 5am, I was dialated to a 4-5, they broke my water so they could find his heartbeat with internal monitoring. It had dropped significantly and they could not distinguish it from mine, which was high as I am sure you can imagine,...
I had my son ysterday morning. I used hypnobabies too, but during the birth itself didn't listen to any of them. I just used the breathing, and focused on finding my peaceful bubble. I labored for 2 hours going from a 4-5 to a 10. I think it helped until the last 30min or so (when my body began to push). I was induced so labored all on my back in bed, it wasn't horrible but what would have made it better was the heating pad we thought we'd left at home (and found afterwards).
cyrusmama Jaxon Oliver EDD: March 2 Born: March 6, 2009 at 7:32am 7lbs 12oz 19.5 inches Induced with pit but pain med free
sending happy positive easy birthing thoughts your way.
i hear ya. I told my mom a few days ago that next time I am pregnant, once I hit 8 months, I am having all of my calls forwarded to her. It is so frustrating. Hello we will call someone...... maybe.
me too. I am so ready. I was induced with ds at 37 weeks so, I have no idea how long I would have went before he came. This is driving me crazy.
me too. And I keep having pre labor and thinking this could be it...and then waa waa...nothing. Is it sad that I go around wishing to lose my mucus plug or have some bloody show, so that I knew something was happening?
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