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congratulations :
not from hemorrhoids or anything like that, but each side. Anyone else having butt pain?
I hope so. My due date according to the OB is 3/5. I did the induction route with my son and don't want to go that way again. I have another accupuncture appointment tomorrow and I am tempted to ask her if she will mark the accupressure points for me so if necessary I can induce without meds. At the least, I am going to start back up with nipple stimulation again (which gave me regular prelabor contrax last week).
You have given up on tying your shoes. You have to beg your 4 yr old to "help mommy put her socks on" You are wide awake most of the night and can't stop napping during the day.
Not in you ddc, but couldn't help but respond. When I went in at 14weeks this pregnancy, they could not find a heartbeat. I requested that they do an ultrasound and they found it that way. s:
I just got back from an accupuncture appointment. I highly highly highly recommend it. I haven't had an u/s for about 2 months but just knew the baby was lying nearly transverse. After she put the needles in at my outer little toe nail, I laid there for a total of 30 minutes and felt a small pop and the baby move his head from my left hip to exactly where it needs to be. I am going to go back on Thursday to make sure he hasn't moved back or father but, as of right now he...
yep me too. I started last night, sat up with them doing some nipple stimulation and accupressure. Finally went to bed when I was convinced they were not going to stop. Then this morning woke up to more plus extreme pressure in the downstairs region I had an OB appt went to it, had to go for a NST, more contractions that the machine was picking up, mostly smaller but a couple really big ones. All the time they were the same 8 or so minutes apart. When we left the hospital...
dh and I have a couple different card games in ours too. I am not planning on being there long, but you never know and its nice to have something to help pass the time. And a hand held massager.
If I am not mistaken, if your dehydrated you can cause contrax. So the more you hydrate, the more likely they would be to stop or slow if it isn't real labor.
Other things you might want to try that I have read are worth a shot are nipple stimulation, and pineapple (I am eating quite a bit of it. Thank goodness it isn't giving me heartburn.), and some people think eggplant parmesan works s:
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