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Ours in in. Dh put it in Tuesday night after they admitted me for 24 hr observation just in case they decided to induce. Luckily they let me go, but the seat is in.
I am right there with ya, mama. I spent the night before last in the hospital on 24 hour monitoring for my BP. It was 150/100 the one time they checked it in the OB office. They didn't check it again, just sent me to the hospital for NST and 24 hour urine collection. At the hospital it fluctuated but still ran high. I am 36 weeks 3 days today. And really hoping I still get my natural induction free birth. Sending good thoughts your way, and if you need to talk send...
Who was having a shower after the baby arrives? My mom called this weekend and said that one of my great aunts would like to have a shower for us. She asked when would be good and I really have no idea. So, I think she (my mom) suggested mid-March. (I am really not too sure how I feel about having the baby out and around that many people if he is only a week or two old, but figure I will express that to my aunt when she calls.) So, when will your shower be? Also, what...
I'd like another 2 weeks too atleast. I am having a few contractions tonight so bring on the stay in there vibes.
Congrats! :
I have noticed that the baby's movement seems to pick up when I am listening to the cds.
I will keep her in my thoughts. Do you know how they were inducing her?
You can do it! and so can I! This will be my second hospital birth but since my first was a 2 day induction, I am feeling like it was/is my first. I am still wondering about when to go in and questioning how I want to do things because with ds#1 I just trusted my OB and did as she said. I am also having my first unmedicated hospital birth this time. Last time I had an epidural. Dh and I just finished our hospital class (mostly because I wanted to know their policies...
I might be. I was up until late last week, but have been a lot more active this weekend and so has the baby.
I think they can be more than a pound off. And don't let it worry you too much ds was supposed to be bigger than he actually was based on u/s.
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