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i use my 7s most and 3s.
I need to schedule an appointment too. The baby is transverse with his head right at my waist on the left side, and his feet by his head. I feel him move non-stop and know he keeps changing position but I am getting more nervous about him not staying head down.
EDD: 3/2 I predict the baby will be born: 2/19 Actual birth date: I predict my labor will last: 9hours It actually lasted: U/S showed a (if you had one): boy I predict the baby will be a: boy The baby is a: I predict the babies weight and length will be: 8lbs 6 oz and 21in Actual weight and length: Any extra predictions you'd like to make: I will journey to the hospital with just ds and me, dh will race to meet us there. I'll get to the hospital too late...
Have you tried taking him to see a chiro?
Hmm, so far I have found mostly clothes bargains. I got 8 outfits and 3 onsies/shirts at a local consignment store for $15. They were marked down in anticipation of the new law. One of the outfits was orignally priced at $10, and reduced to $1. It was a gymboree jungle parade pants and onsie. Then at goodwill this week I found the matching gymboree jacket and hat with the tags still attached for $1. I picked up a dozen prefolds from DiaperSwappers, and a GMAR (with...
We cosleep and are keeping the baby's things in our room, but only have it and ds's room so it makes more sense to keep it in ours. I have a decent sized closet and my side has upper and lower curtain rods with a shelf in between. I am keeping the smallest sized stuff on my side of the closet and the bigger things on dh's side. So no dresser either. I might end up trying to find a couple lined baskets to put the dipes in, but otherwise we are just gonna make due with what...
I like the idea, but the doll is kinda scary looking imo.
At mine a few years ago, they made dh and I and his mom and grandma (I think) race to drink a baby bottle. Silly, and kinda yucky, but it was fun.
I did a solid color scarf for my best guy friend last year for Christmas. I don't remember how long it ended up being, but I am 5'9" and with tasseled ends, it drug the ground on each side and wrapped around my neck once. (He is 6'2" so I knew it wouldn't drag on him). It was double knitted and I was so sick of hunter green knitting in the round at the end that I ended up making the tassels longer than I had orignally planned
Quote: Originally Posted by MarineGurl020412 I hate when they do late term u/s since they can be up to a pound off in either direction. Yeah. They said ds was 9lbs and I was induced. He was 7lbs 8oz at birth.
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