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At a hospital, vaginally, w/ doctor...and the still had wards and didn't let my dad in during the birth and this was only 1979. I was the second of 5 children, mom had us all without drugs. She said if her granny could have 13 with no drugs and all but the last one at home then she knew so could she :LOL
I was in a more mainstream forum where the majority of moms don't bf and one of the other bfing moms mentioned coming here for support. So I did and lurked for a couple months then joined and I don't think I have been back to the other site since.
Ohh, I love it...I wanna do something with my hair now too...
oh i feel for ya. We had something similar happen with dh's company and our bank. Dh finally thinks we have it straightened out. And the bank is dropping all overdraft fees and pushing through any checks that come up for payment between now and payday on Tuesday. As to which is worse, I am leaning towards the payroll department.
Quote: Originally Posted by TiredX2 I would ask her to refund your money and then retract the claim. Then, if you ever get your item you can pay her back. that was my thought too.
I need advice, about a deal gone bad and paypal. Almost a month ago I bought something with paypal and haven't received it or heard from the seller despite my attempts to contact her. So, I was on here last night and saw the thread where others had mentioned deals that went bad and heard that you could file a claim with paypal. (I didn't know you could do that) Anyway, I filed a claim and today got a response from the paypal account holder. According to her, the...
prefolds and then fitteds...I my prefolds and use them when we are home. If we are going out I'll try to bring AIO's (I have a total of 3 :LOL) or a fitted.
that is wierd. I was guessing cleaning guy, but wouldn't the police know about something like that? how far does your area code extend? cause that would tell you the area that he would have called from for it to be local. And can't the phone company tell you who has called you?
:LOL my dh must be eating beans at work or something...or do you think there are other fairies?
to big for ds but ooh so cute
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