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Nevermind. Now I have two angels.
The doctors and my mother (who has had a miscarriage in the past) both said that if I was having a miscarriage my abdomen would be firmer. Which isn't to say I wont miscarry, just that I'm not yet. They lost the results of the first blood test and I'm getting another on Thursday so I'll know then if the hCG is increasing or not. They didn't see anything at all on the ultrasound (I had a transvaginal ultrasound as well because I was too nauseous to keep a litre of...
Hi, this is my first post here. I am currently anywhere between 5 and 8 weeks pregnant (we're not sure), the pregnancy tests have been coming up positive for the last three weeks (I've done five) and two blood tests (both positive but hCG levels were low- indicating pregnancy in early stages) I've experienced some light to medium spotting for the last three days (lighter than any period I've had in the last 10 years) but with no cramping or abdominal pain. I went to...
Seems to be a girl, but maybe buy more neutral baby things if you can't control that urge to spoil baby before he or she is born!
I use Blackmores Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Gold, I'm not sure it that's available everywhere though. The fish oil in it definitely helps with the baby brain I've been having lately!
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