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Thanks.   It looks like mothers need to go there and update. Still, it is more updated than the opening post.  
 fayebond, you have an awesome husband.
It doesn't look like this has been updated for a couple of years. I expect it may be a great deal of work to update it? Or, perhaps, few women responded to this thread in the last two years? (This is my, hopefully polite, way of asking for an update in the first post. Pretty please?)  
How about this? http://www.brooksidepress.org/Products/Military_OBGYN/Forms1/Forms/sf533.pdf
Random, people won't know how to pronounce that. Folks, her name is ToniaAnn - pronounced like the Italian name "Antonia", only with the Ann at the end.   My name is a name I invented years ago.
Random, just hold on to something as you squat down. Go down as far as you can. Over time, you will be able to squat perfectly - without holding on to anything.
My baby was given a vaccine without my consent. When they came in to request my signature and I refused, the expression on the nurse's face. She didn't expect that. She did not tell me the baby had been vaxed without my written consent. It was the doctor who told me. I told him I didn't want my baby vaccinated because an older child had had serious reactions, when I saw the doctor later, and he said that the baby had been vaccinated in the hospital and looked just...
Midwife books should have something like that. I'm not sure what country you're in, but Amazon.com is a good place to look for books. I can do a search and get back with you.   Heart and Hands would be one of the books to use.
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