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Sleep regression here. I've had like 4 hours of sleep in the last few days. Blah. I need to get a lazy boy. Jaya will start to fall asleep and then scream bloody murder. When she wakes up she gets so angry like "what? I was asleep? How much time did I miss?" 
A lot of kids in my family are between 14-19 months apart but that seems to be a hit or miss. My one niece was a very early walker and great talker so when her little brother came into the picture at 18 months, they seemed farther apart and she loved being a "big sister." However, that same boy is about to a younger brother next month (16 months apart) and he's just started walking last month and is still not verbal. So I'm sure that is going to be hard =/
Normal. I'm chopped liver compared to Papa or my mom or even grandpa, who barely pays any attention to her... but she smiles and laughs and reaches for him whenever she seems him. 
Teething mixed with developmental milestones=angry baby. 
@wrenmoon  so jealous! I'm still waiting for mine to come. But I'm backed up on projects so it's not that big of a deal.
 Yes, my accupinctrist, midwife, and mother say to wait 2 years in between pregnancies, which would make the kids 3 years apart. 
 I'm starting to feel this way even though we were TTC not too long ago. I've been told a lot lately that its best to wait 3 years between kids. That seems so far apart though. 
 If you have links handy for this I would LOVE it! I have been trying to find this info for a while but can only find info that list compulsory vaccines starting at 1 year old in Japan, with the allowed age as low as 4 months. 
If you were delaying vaccines until your LO's gastrointestinal tract is "mature enough," how long would you wait?
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