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  For the 2011-2012 school year ( name ) will be studying the following curriculum. The scope and sequence of each will be primarily self-motivated and directed.   Language Arts, including Reading, Handwriting, Spelling, Vocabulary, Keyboarding Skills, and Introduction to Spanish Language   Mathematics, including Arithmetic, Geometry, and Economics   Sciences, including Biology, Geography, Ecology, Physics, and Astronomy   Virginia, American, and World...
The pipes are about 4-5 inches long, (maybe 1/2" width?) At one end we cut off the 'top' half of the pipe. That is the part that goes into the tree. Then we drive a nail underneath the pipe, tie on a bit of wire and hang a milk jug from it. I don't know if this would work on a grand scale or not. We have only a few maples and our temps flutuate too much to get a long run. HTH!
We are always broke, so we just make do with a bit of pipe and a nail.
Does you son have a medical condition that requires his nose to be suctioned? If not, I would toss that aspirator and forget about suctioning him from now on unless he is stuffy. I'll take boogies over maggots any day!
This is the same OB tht said your pelvic floor was fine? I really have no advice except RUN for a second opinion!
I pumped for three months until my premature son was capable of nursing.
Congrats! I made the wooden stand from fiascofarm website, and it is still going strong after three years. We use a SS half-moon pail, a SS mini strainer (we use paper towels as pads), and we keep our milk in half gallon glass jars with screw-top plastic lids There is a catalog called Shetlers Wholesale that has SS buckets and lids for quite cheap if your not ready to invest in a half-moon pail right now.
I use hay. Dry grass clippings are essentially the same, so go for it. I would skip the dirt though.
Ours are collected once a day. I keep mine in a big bowl in the fridge usually. I don't float test anymore, we use them up faster than they go bad. If we have more than I have space in the fridge for, we will keep them on the counter for up to a week. If they are still piling up after that, I start freezing them. If I wanted to eat eggs that weren't fresh, I'd buy them from the store. Also, I have had some bad experiences trying to salvage old eggs. Rotten ones are...
I think it's ten weeks max, and only when refrigerated. If I find eggs that I know have been layed more than a few days ago, I feed them to the cats.
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