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  I worked out last night and it made a huge difference!  Now I wish I could stop the wild and weird dreams.  (I never used to dream, so this is crazy.)     Question, what do Braxton-Hicks feel like?  I never feel crampy, but sometimes my belly feels tight.  I walk around for a bit and it goes away.  Sometimes it happens when I'm working out/walking, etc.  I just wonder if that is what I'm feeling.       Again, thanks for the advice everyone!
I'm loving the concept for this thread!  As a novice pregnant lady, I don't have anything to add yet, but I'll definitely check back!   Does anyone have any thoughts on the crazy soreness in your legs/body after laying down for a few hours?  I don't feel crampy, but more like I've gone on a difficult 5 hour hike every night.  Like crazy muscle soreness that goes away after I've been up for awhile.  I'm drinking plenty of water...electrolytes maybe?
You've been through so much.  :(  While I cannot possibly understand what you have been through, I miscarried my first pregnancy (at work, no less) and feel so jealous of the women who can take it for granted that there will be a baby at the end.  I just keep telling myself that nothing that is meant for you will ever pass you by.  It's not a philosophy that works for everyone, but it helps me calm my spasming nerves.  
I hope it arrives quickly!  Peace of mind can be worth it's weight in gold!  
Congratulations on the brand new gals!     We thought we were having a girl (based on an early ultrasound), spent a month and a half telling everyone we are having a girl, thought long and hard about girl names, and then found out this month that we're actually having a boy.  
  I did that too...felt distinct flutters around week 14 - 16, then nothing much.  Now I'm exactly 19 weeks and this kid has started jabbing me at random intervals.  The only thing is that it seems completely random, there is no rhyme or reason to them.  Although, I believe I read somewhere that the baby has their own circadian rhythms.  
(I'm in health care.  I was looking at (in awe of) the birth stories and stumbled on this.)   Obtain copies of all your/LO's records.  They are yours.  You will have to fill out a release form, but you should be able to obtain a verbatim copy of the records, including the ultrasound report.     Dilation of the kidneys happens in 1-5% of all pregnancies.  Most of the time, it is either transient or due to something that is relatively easily fixed.  Worrisome would...
I shouldn't complain, because I've been a lucky bunny - this is my first day with any nausea at all. And now I've gone and barfed in the Target parking lot... I haven't commented on the guns issue for a reason (I prefer to listen to both sides and stay out of the debate), but, oh, Connecticut. Those families. Those children.
Oh my, yes. What IS this? I feel absolutely awful today. Worst day so far, hands down. And I thought being in the 2nd trimester was supposed to be glowy and non-vomitous.
I've got a Flipper.  :)  Completely confirmed when we watched her (or likely a her) shimmy around like a Mexican jumping bean on our last ultrasound.  
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