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Thank you ladies!     For my part, I would never scoff at any mom who refused ultrasound (full disclosure, I am not an OB-GYN).  Ultrasound has been used extensively since the early 80's and no one has yet been able to prove a scientifically sound hypothesis that ultrasound causes harm.  It is very hard to conduct these studies, because if there is something wrong (like say, your amniotic fluid index is low)...then you get more ultrasounds.  But to say that more...
I'm sorry I unintentionally derailed this guys.  :(  I feel rotten.  
  Again, I did not intend my remarks to you and I'm sorry that you felt attacked, because that is not what the internet is for and it makes me feel terrible that you feel that way.  Did you see my PM?  I would sincerely hate to be the reason for you to not enjoy this community, because it is really a lovely one.  
  I don't mean to scare you off or offend.  I'm completely open to other people's opinions; otherwise, this would be the wrong place for me!  It also helps me understand and keep an open mind when people refuse certain things.  I just don't think either side should resort to an I'm right/You're wrong philosophy.  There is so much more to it.  After all, I'm looking for the wisdom of experience, as I've never been pregnant before (or rather, I miscarried the first time)....
  I do the exact same thing.  I miscarried in May and spent more than a little money on plastic pee sticks from June until now.  I feel so blessed that we're pregnant right now.  Those intervening months were a glimpse at how heartbreaking infertility must be.  I just cannot even imagine what families go through.  
  Nope!!  I hear you.  I'm not feeling any overt symptoms except for some fatigue, so I can't wait for some belly confirmation!  
  Yay!!  It is such a relief, isn't it?  
  (ETA: Sorry about my open mouth insert foot moment.  It doesn't help my cause, and I don't mean to sound like an awful old troll, but that article really touched a nerve.)   I take extreme issue with such an obviously inflammatory piece.  "Medical doctors are inadequately educated on the basics of scientific method"??  Please.  Apparently the author has never heard of the term selection bias.  Perhaps the author needs a course in epidemiology?  We have those in medical...
I'm late to the party, but YAY!!  
  It's personal (i.e. anecdotal) experience.  :)  Again we don't force it and advise only gentle hygiene.  Thank you for the info though, sometimes "give it time" can be a hard thing to hear.  
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