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I wish I had a vibe!  I'm just too nervous to get to the 10 week appointment safe and sound this time.  My husband thinks it's going to be a girl.  :)
  Thank you!     There aren't many of us first-timers yet...   Speaking of which, I need to call the OB to make an appointment!
  I know this is old, but want to add pertinent info:  Calleiah is absolutely correct.  The vast majority of the time, this is nothing to be concerned about.     But when is it something to be concerned about?  The degree and timing of the dilation matters.  The earlier and more severe the dilation, the stronger likelihood that it will persist postnatally.  At worst, this can be something that will require surgery to correct.     The best time to have a post-natal...
@Joyfam  :( :(  Much comfort & strength headed your way.     EDD:  June 8th Age:  33 Location:  the South This babe will be child #:  1, one prior miscarriage How long have you been TTC:  Since last March.  Miscarried in July.  Peed on many, many pieces of plastic.   Family:  An awesome husband and one excitable mutt I'm holding my breath.  The miscarriage was an awful experience.  We're waiting until after the 1st week of November to go in for our first visit.  It will...
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