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Thank you for your supportive words. It does make me feel so much better to know that other babies have very similar sleeping preferences. I have an older son (he is 4 now), he cried a lot less and would easily fall asleep in the sling and not wake up while transferring him into his bed. I will stick to co-sleeping and forget the pacifier for now. She's seems to be taking quite well to a little soft toy sheep that I give her to hold while she nurses, she used to cling to...
Wow, it was so good to read this thread. Makes me feel a lot better knowing I'm not alone (I guess somehow I knew but reading it definitely helped). I only wish my daugther would take a pacifier I think that would be half her sleeping problem resolved.
My baby has been crying a lot and sleeping poorly since she was about 5 weeks old (she's also always had problems pooing). Out of pure survival instincts I have started feeding her to sleep. I have manage to break that habit during the day if I take her for a walk in the stroller instead. She will not sleep in her bed without me feeding her. She used to let go of my nipple when she was done eating but by now (she is 7 months) she needs to be fast asleep before I can...
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