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I was hoping to encapsulate this time. (My fourth baby, first time I've considered it.) But I've recently come across the information that says perhaps I shouldn't consume it. My blood type is Rh- and dh's is Rh+. My kids have all been Rh+ so far. I've had both the 28 week and post partum Rhogam shots for my three previous babies and after lots of research I've also decided to continue with this for the rest of my children. We plan on having a large family, and have...
For those interested, a facebook group has been formed called "Due July 2014" Thanks!
Awesome! The group is called "Due July 2014"
I also have a MW that recommends the Brewer diet. In the list of books she wants me to read is "What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know- The Truth About Diets and Drugs in Pregnancy" by Gail Sforza Brewer with Tom Brewer, M.D. It was written in the late 1970's, and I'm happy to say that much of what they're cautioning against (the diets and drugs that were commonly prescribed back then) has been changed. But it does have some great recipes and guidelines. I plan on getting a...
Hello! I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in a private and secret facebook group for our Due Date Club? I love interacting with moms going through the same thing at the same time as me, but would like to be able to open up more in a private setting. Let me know if you're interested! I can start it!
-Name: annaka -Age: 25 when baby is born -EDD: July 23rd -Location: Upper Peninsula of Michigan -1st child/2nd/3rd...: 4th -Baby's sex: We will find out when he/she is born!
Same page here! I've been running around cleaning my house for the past couple hours, and as I sat down to rest and catch up on here, I felt major round ligament pain and my muscles are stretched feeling. Definitely at the point now where I know my belly is going to pop out and I'll officially be showing. I'm at around 13 weeks for my 4th baby.
I'm excited to say that after three hospital births, my fourth baby will be born at home! DH and I had our first appointment last night. We live in a rural area and had only one MW that would travel to us. Thank goodness we totally hit it off!. She lives 2 hours from our house, but at this point I'm the only client she has due in July. So I'm not too worried about her making it to the birth on time. And really, it's my dh that has the most responsibility if that were to...
Hello all! I'm just joining because I was previously in the August DDC. This is my 4th baby. I have a 3yo girl, 2yo boy, and a 1yo girl. My 1yo just weaned herself when I got pregnant (first symptom for us!) and I wasn't sure what my EDD would be since I had only had 1 period and it had been a few months since. Yesterday was my first appointment with my midwife and we've narrowed it down to a July 23rd-24th EDD.  For my first, I had a healthy hospital birth, epidural,...
Well, I've finally got a better EDD. :) I'm about 3 weeks further along than I thought, which places me in the July DDC. So I'll be leaving this forum, and joining that one to be with the women who are at the same point as me. Good luck to you all, hope your babies are healthy and that everything goes great!
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