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Yes, definitely things I can make ahead of time and just pull out.  I'll be very busy keeping 8 kids entertained and I won't have a lot of time for prepping lunches and snacks.  If I can do some of it the night before that's awesome.
Today is our last day of school and starting tomorrow I will have 8 children in my house to feed (my 5 and 3 that I look after).  I need some lunch ideas that are healthy, kid friendly, easy to prepare and won't break the bank.  We don't have any food restrictions or allergies so all ideas are welcome!  Thanks in advance!
My ds is 6 and has this same habit.  I haven't noticed it as much lately so I think he's finally growing out of it.  We did what most of the other posters did, remind him that it's not appropriate to hold ourselves in public but tried not to make a huge deal out of it.  I was a little mortified though when last year at his dance recital he spent the entire dance holding himself on stage.  I'm sure all the other parents just laughed it off as typical 5 year old...
Ladybug actually partnered up with Spud and we've been ordering through them and Ladybug delivers it.  We've been very happy.
Aprons are seriously underrated!  Everyone should have a couple. 
Thank you for replying!  I head down to the US especially for your sour cream!  LOL  Nothing up here compares. :)
Tillamook's site states that they do not routinely use antibiotics but any cow that does require them is taken out of production until the milk is testing free of antibiotics.  They test all their milk and won't use any that has antibiotics in it.  It doesn't state that on their labels though.  I'm starting to think that if the info is that hard to find they probably do use them. :(
Does anyone know if Darigold products are antibiotic free?  I know they are hormone free but I'm having trouble finding info on the antibiotics.  I LOVE their sour cream and pick it up whenever I am down in the US but if they use antibiotics it's back to canadian sour cream for me.
My favourite right now is either yoga pants or leggings with a tunic style top.  It's comfy and still looks good while running errands.  I hate wearing jeans, I just can't be comfortable in them for some reason.
microwaves - regularly   fluoride -  regularly for us grown-ups since we need the sensitive toothpaste but I try to buy fluoride free for the kids toothpaste.  Our water is fluoride free.   teflon - not at all   regular deodorant - regularly for me because nothing else works :(  Dh uses a crystal   xrays - as needed   asparatame - not at all
New Posts  All Forums: