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True enough...   I would love to see a traditional foods version of the food pyramid though.  Does anyone know if one exists?  
I'm looking for the same thing.  I don't want to introduce the Canada Food Guide to the kids because I don't believe it's the healthiest way to eat.  They really push the low-fat dairy, margerine, lots of grains, etc. The kids and I do have discussions though about why we buy full fat dairy, don't touch margerine with a ten foot pole etc while we are grocery shopping  but I would love a kid friendly unit we could study together.  
From what I understand from the Self Design website is that their enrollment is full for this school year but will be accepting the 2001/2012 enrollments starting May 1st but also mention a waiting list.  Seems to be a very popular program.
Hi Megan!  I'm here looking for the same thing... LOL  I'm thinking of starting homeschool for my kids in the fall.  They are in French Immersion right now and I'm struggling with the decision to pull them out.  I'd love to talk to other homeschoolers in the area and get their take on things, find out what kind of resources there are out here, etc.
I just filled ours with beans.  We've had them for years with no problems.
Mine is a Kenmore but is a front loader.  I have to use about 1/8 cup of my homemade soap powder for a full load.  The vinegar helps the soap residue rinse out of the clothes.  Maybe try using more soap and the vinegar rinse and if that doesn't work definitely contact Sears.  Either there's something wrong with your machine or the actual design is just not good.  Try checking online reviews on your machine and see if others have the same problem.
What brand is it?  My HE front loader works amazingly well and I use homemade laundry powder in it.  Are you trying to wash too full a load maybe?  Also, are you adding vinegar to the rinse cycle?
My 10 year old still likes to hang out under the playstands, so does her 8 year old sister.  They can't stand up under them anymore but it's still a peaceful place to hang out and read or play with their DSi's.  They also play with the little ones under there, building with blocks, etc.
My Christmas was pretty crappy.  Solstice we were supposed to have a fire in the backyard to celebrate but H (no d in front of that right now) refused to get out of bed for two days so we didn't do that.  Yesterday morning H wouldn't get out of bed, again, to watch the kids open their gifts so it was just me to help with the gifts, clean up the mess, cook breakfast and then pack up to go to my parents house.  He finally surfaced as we were getting ready to walk out the...
This is me exactly.  I admire those who are able to do it.  Me, I look at my stuff and think I could never part with it.  I NEED it (in my mind anyhow).  I love this blog.  The family goes back and forth between living simply in small spaces to getting rid of almost everything and traveling/living in their RV.  It's really inspiring.  I'll be reading along with this thread for inspiration and perhaps strength to get rid of some stuff.
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