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That looks like a pretty good book.  I think it may end up being the one I get for her.  I do already have a collection of yarns and needles for her so I don't really need a whole kit.  I wish I would have seen that first! LOL    Thanks for the blog link  Boatbaby.
I'm putting together a knitting basket for my oldest dd for Christmas.  Can anyone recommend a good book for beginners?  We have a couple local bookstores with a not so great selection of books (especially crafting ones) so I'll have to order online but I hate ordering when I can't see or know nothing about the book first.  She's 10 years old so I'll need something that will be easy to follow with lots of pictures if possible.   Thanks in advance!
We're waldorfy at home but my kids attend a public french immersion school. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity for my kids to learn a second language. I don't completely love the school but it's not all bad either. Our school district just recently outfitted their kindergarten classrooms with toys and furniture from one of the local waldorf stores, which I'm just thrilled about since I still have two at home and will be heading off to school in the next few...
Just found this: http://www.oldcolonywoodworks.ca/index.htm
She has so many clothes that I can't get her drawers shut. A loom could be cool. I'll have to look into that. Her class in school last year did a little bit of weaving as one of their projects and she seemed to enjoy that. She doesn't needlefelt but that's something that I've been wanting to get into for some time now (just never had the time or money to start a new hobby LOL). I think I'll save that for a family project.
I don't have anything against the books she's reading now. I quite enjoyed them when I was young. She's just pretty much exhausted those series but unwilling to read something new. I guess I'll just try to be patient and wait it out. Hmm, I wonder if she would like Archie comics? LOL I did find a great corking project book at the thrift store yesterday though. I think that may interest her. I'll add a nice wooden corker and some pretty yarn. I also plan on...
I have no problem buying and making things for my little ones but I seem to be stuck this year for my older girls, my oldest in particular. She's 10 and in that awkward "tween" phase. She doesn't really play with toys anymore, she isn't into homemade clothing unless it's pj pants. All she likes to wear now are jeans and t-shirts which she has a ton of anyway. She won't wear hand knit anything because apparently it's not "cool". She loves to read but is very picky...
Cheated a little bit today because we were out over lunch running errands. Breakfast: quinoa/millet porridge with milk and brown sugar Lunch: ate out at the mall food court Supper: left over roast beef and mashed potatoes with a can of corn (since all the veges got eaten up last night) Snacks were pumpkin mini muffins made using last year's pumpkin puree still lurking in my freezer.
I've been bad about keeping up with this thread but good with the pantry challenge. Breakfast: yogurt Lunch: apple pancakes for the kids at home, mini pizzas for the kids at school, leftover porkchop and rice for me Supper: pasta with meatsauce that I found hiding in the freezer Snacks were a whole lot of whatever we found laying around. LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by jamiew I would say "don't have carpet". Hardwood, that's the way to go! I wish! LOL Our old house had laminate all throughout and I totally miss it. We want to tear out the carpet at some point and put hardwood in but it's not going to happen in the near future.
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