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We bed shared from day one (now almost two y.o.) with a cal king mattress on the floor pushed tightly in the corner with a child on either side of me and I nurse simultaneously while getting rest. 
I thank you, too. We order much online, too.
Great doco...after watching this at DD's school my DH did his first honk & wave in support of 37.
Additionally, I would love to know more about the weaning and anti-bed sharing. This is a Anthroposophical belief? Any references I might be able to see? Links? I find this to be a bit alarming.
We, too are taking the smorgasbord approach to Waldorf. I was raised with no religion and DH in a strict Jehovah's Witness home he completely broke ties with just before his HS graduation. We are agnostic/atheist and are happy to allow our children to find their own deeper self on their own terms. We want the world to be presented to them as it is and have things make sense to them with all the information presented in a beautiful manner with no expectations other than...
I enjoyed LLL Mothering Multiples. I read it while pregnant but it read like fiction since none of it was my reality (yet) and I had to go back once I was firmly in the moment and read again ;)
We moved 5 y.o. daughter's "big girl" mattress into our room as an extension of our bed and talked about her "big girl" room she could have when she was ready (didn't take long for her). I sleep with my twins on either side of me while propped on my back and nurse both of them through the night with no need for help as I don't pump. I take care of input hubs..output. 
Our charter has a two year kindergarten with children starting at 4 tears old. 
We have way less--12 gDiapers, 12 inserts,  12 pre-folds (we use to double up at night), 15 Cloth wipes and one wet pail. I do have help though. I do wish I had a sprayer because while our inserts and liners are cleaned well they look pretty skanky. 
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