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I totally get it.  23 cycles into the TTC process, birth control seems like a complete joke.  The only good thing was it kept my AF's light and less painful.  Why did I even bother and worry over missed pills?  Who was I kidding???  I've done 4 rounds of Clomid and now trying soy in hopes of BFP.  FX and praying for all of us ladies this month so we aren't suckers any longer!  
So sorry to hear you are dealing with unexplained IF.  It really is frustrating not knowing what is wrong.  Since you have spotting nearly a week before AF, that signals a problem.    I used to spot 3-5 days before AF and my GYN was concerned about that.  He tested my progesterone 7dpo and found I have low progesterone in my luteal phase, which likely causes the spotting.  He put me on Clomid to force a stronger corpus luteum, and the spotting has lessened to 1-2...
I agree with most of the other posters.  Educate yourself on how a normal cycle is supposed to be.  Taking Charge of your Fertility is a good place to start.  Next start charting your BBT and cervical fluid (aka cervical mucous).  Third, find a doctor that will listen to you and start a fertility workup, preferably a RE.  You need day 3 blood test to check your hormone levels, a transvaginal ultrasound to check out your ovaries, and a post ovulation blood test to check...
I have heard of doctors prescribing birth control to 'reset' your system and help get rid of the cysts. If you have polycystic ovaries, you really need to work with a doctor to get it under control.  The best way is usually through diet, exercise, and meds.  Good luck.
Sorry to hear about your ectopic.  I have a friend that had to have one tube removed and she conceived naturally her first month off bcp's.  I was amazed.  Don't give up hope.
Oliversmommy, thank you for your story!  I too have normal cycles, O regularly, and my LP is good, I just have low progesterone and spotting.  Seems like soy affected you like Clomid would.  I've heard soy is nature's Clomid.  I hope it's what I need.
Hello, I'm new to Mothering, but not new to infertility.  DH and I are on our 23rd cycle ttc our little miracle.  We've been hardcore ttc for most of that.  Started the fertility workup, then lost insurance, so we only have part of the picture.  I have a luteal phase defect (low progesterone).  Did 4 failed cycles of Clomid and am really burnt out.  Clomid is a bitch!  So I've decided to take this month off charting and meds (Clomid) and do soy and NTNP.   My...
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