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We are having issues getting our sperm out of Fairfax Cryobank. Their piclup form requires us to get a doc or licensed something to sign. Its insane cuz we also habe to.do it 24 hrs in advance. Does anyone know whom in.the dc/north va area could help us? [/ SIZE]
Pokey- I am not able to send msgs out. Please send me a pm with your contact info. Thanks, Sarah
Thanks pokey, that's how I understood it and may contact u with more questions,
Maryeliz, Do you have Kaiser and what state are you in? Thanks for your response, just trying to clarify.
We are wondering if any lesbian has has had success at covering part of her iui (or other artificial insemination) thru kaiser permanente( even if just thru flexible/non kaiser, opt2&3 benefits)? All input is appreciated as we are planning !N
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