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Good thread!! We move saturday.  We have had a nice 2 week overlap which has been great, however I have been in my current house 12 years, now have 4 kids, my XDH left a lot of things and my DH is working out of town so he has been very little help. I have moved a lot already and lots is packed- probably 80%.     A lot of big things have to be moved-  I have movers for that and I am going from 1800 to 3800 sq ft. so that's née.    But I am just burned out right...
Good morning! I'm doing well. How funny that on a national board you are in Woodbury MN. I'm in Eagan. Well I'm just moving there from Minneapolis.  Do you have a strong support system?  Do you do any AA meetings?   I am sorry for the stress your son's diagnosis has placed on you!!  My oldest has begun experimenting with pot...  parenting is hard!!!   Hope to hear from you soon   Melynda
For my 5 year old dd  I have at least 20 tops and 10 bottoms.  My DD also has about 8 dresses, 5 skirts and 5 or 6 pair of leggings   DS who is 7 has about 20 tops, 8-10 pair of pants/ sweats and 5 hoodies   DD who is 9 has 5 or 6 pairs of jeans, a jillion leggings and probably 25 tops and sweaters   DD who is 13- who knows - it's all over her floor   \For the younger 3- if they don't wear it- it goes!  
Alcoholism in particular but any recovering moms at all? TIA
I could have written your post.  If I could not show up for my life right now I'd be very happy.   Many HUGS to you!!!
I would get counseling for both yourself and your daughter.  Children are very resilient.  She can get through this, a little extra help would be nice.  Trust me, as parents, most of us rethink choices we have made a pray they will not negatively impact our children.  It's part of parenting. HUGS to you!!
  I know lots of people do that.  I did it for a long time.  BUT my X was not a bad father just a bad husband.  Just because I did not want to live and attempt to partner with him anymore did not mean his children should not be with him but it also, IMW,  it meant I did not have to stay and put up with being mistreated.  My divorce was about our bad relationship, not about his relationship with his children.
Yes to ebt
Yes to ebt. :-)
Chicken wings with blue chz celery & carrots, potato skins, Caesar salad & apple crisp for desert
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