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What is your budget and how many bedrooms are you looking for? Normal Heights is close but might be out of your price range. When we first moved to San Diego we lived in La Mesa right near a trolley station. Our 2 bedroom apartment was 1195.
Mama - so sorry to hear your news. I wish you lots of luck with the frozen embies.
Great news Lea!!!
Mama - omg congrats!!! That is amazing news!!
Lea - fx for you!!!
jwaite - Thanks for offering to be thread keeper! I think that's all you need to know unless anyone wants to add anything. You start the new thread by copying the first post in this thread and just change the month to February. Next you click the 'start a new thread' button and change the title to February and paste the post that you copied from the January thread. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks again!    mama - my last cycle when I got my only BFP I...
Thank you everyone. I really appreciate the support. They are still making me do betas because my numbers aren't below 5 so that's kind of annoying but hopefully this will all be over soon.  I have decided to take a break while we save up for another try with menopur. mama - so excited to hear about your progress!! Can't wait to hear an update.  Lots of luck and patience (haha) to those of you in the TWW!! It's coming to the end of the month and we need someone to take...
Fille - do you do ivi or ici? Any tips for either? Do you use a catheter or instead cup? I would love to try with a KD if I could find one! I hope you are feeling better by now. Mama - yes we have a really old house! We love it. I will have to take some pics one of these days. I actually didn't get to see the whales give birth just spotted them on their migration down to the birthing pools. Hopeful - so sorry about the bfn. I hope the next try will bring you...
IIRC you are pretty young, right? Lots of people O a little later in their cycle and have no problem. My tests came out to around 100 bucks so it was a really affordable way to find out what was going on because I was having problems with egg quality and had no idea. Once I started clomid I had a huge follie on CD10 and ovulated on CD12. It really seemed to help my follicles grow a little quicker. FX for nice mature follies on Thursday! ETA - so sorry about your...
Jam - just doing a drive by post to say this is what happened to me once I started monitoring. I found out that my follicles grew very slowly and would usually O cd17-cd21. When I would go in cd12 for a check my follies would be around 7-8mm. I started clomid after my second month of monitoring because tests showed low AMH and the late O date concerned my RE. Have you done any fertility testing yet? Will be back for more personals tomorrow or Weds.
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