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pookafaye - ugh so sorry. I can't remember if you said you are using progesterone to help with your luteal phase? My LP is always 9 days and the last two IUIs we used it and it extended my LP all the way to 13-14 days.    Trying to decide how to use the 4 vials we have left. Part of me wants to do 1 insem each cycle so I have four chances but the other part really wants to do 2 per cycle because frozen swimmers have such a short lifespan and I always feel like our timing...
Sandiegongp - thank you so much for all of that information! What is the cost difference between the two for IVF? That is going to be our biggest hurdle. I am so glad you found a doctor that you like and congrats on your recent IUI - lots of luck to you during the tww!
We used PRS for a few months and were very happy with them. Ultimately, we decided to go with another bank because we wanted a lower family limit. 
SanDIego78 - Thanks for the info! I saw that you were able to get a partial loan. Was that through the clinic or someone they partner with? Also, do they have you pay everything up front or do you get billed after each visit? How many months would you say it takes to get the ball rolling? I am trying to plan ahead but not sure how much time it really takes.    Isa - I am definitely interested in getting recs from other lesbians. I live in San Diego and will be paying out...
Hi everyone! I used to post here earlier in the year but have been on a long break trying to lose weight and figure out financials. We were able to purchase 4 vials of frozen swimmers with my FSA so we will be trying again in December or January. Ultimately I have a feeling that we will be saving up for IVF because this will be my 6th IUI and I think we will stop at 8 or 9 just because of the cost each month. I am working on scheduling my HSG and it looks like it will be...
Coming out of lurkdom to saying OMG Lizbian!!!! Couldn't be more excited and happy for you!!! I have been reading along the last few months and wow what a roller coaster!! Can't wait to hear more!
I am so sorry Friederike. *hugs*
Congratulations Friederike!!!! This is so exciting! So happy for you and DP.    Fille - Happy Birthday and good luck with the shipping!! That must have been such a stressful night.    AFU - Jenny, could you please move me to taking a break. Temp dropped below cover line yesterday and AF should show up tonight or tomorrow for DW. I will probably start back up with insems sometime this summer but I will definitely be reading/cheering everyone along in the meantime!! 
Hi Everyone :)   escher - Thanks! It's going well. I am much less stressed because DW is trying! DW is excited but doesn't want to get my hopes up. She is feeling a lot of cramping. How are you and DW doing?    Jenny - Did AF show up yet?    Lizbian - Sorry about the delayed O. A couple of months ago I didn't ovulate until CD23. It was so frustrating!    Friederike - FX for Sunday and a 2013 due date!!      AFU - DW had a huge dip in her temp this...
I don't have kids yet but do you have any friends with children that you could have your daughter spend time with? I just think I would encourage friendships with people who would be happy to be a part of your life. Maybe meetup.com or a glbt center that might have a family group?
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