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I can see a little shadow in the second picture! How many dpo are you? FX!!!
fmorris - Thanks for the update. Things sound really promising. Let us know the MOMENT you test!   AFM I am testing Monday which will be 12dpo. to everyone!
fmorris!!!! Omg!!!! Can you try on a digital for confirmation?
Congratulations San Diego!!! So excited for you and your family!!! 
Hi everyone - Just waiting here at 6dpo...   I tested today and the trigger is out of my system. I probably wont test again until 12dpo but I am currently feeling no symptoms. Yesterday I had a weird toothache and was extremely exhausted but that is about the extent of it. Good luck to all in the TWW and those who are inseminating soon!!  Hopefully we can make this month a record for BFP's! 
Congratulations Lea!!! So amazing!!
Congratulations Sotohana!!! What an amazing feeling that must be!!!
Just popping in to give you a hug, escher.  Thinking very sticky thoughts for you and DW today. 
Liz, that makes sense! San Diego - how many follies did dw have? My last progesterone level was higher because the clomid produced bigger follies and the corpus luteum produces progesterone. That was my first month on clomid and it made a huge difference in my progesterone.
Quick question before insem today... So I am crazy and took my temp three times throughout the night. 2am 97.61 5am 97.62 8am 98.64 Do you think this means I ovulated between 5 and 8am? Wonder if anyone has ever done this before lol.
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