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Escher!! Congrats to you and your wife!! How exciting!
Are you using opk's? Maybe she thinks you will be ovulating early but that doesnt explain why she would want you to trigger right before insem. Is Thursday the earliest you would be able to get the trigger shot? Sorry I wish I could be of more help. I have the hardest time relinquishing control in these situations. Maybe a conversation with her tomorrow would help clear some of this up. Gl to you - you have amazing sounding follies!!
Thanks everyone - Insem is tomorrow so hopefully it will be a better one! I have a feeling I will ovulate overnight tonight and the insem will be too late. What's a pending insem without anxiety about timing/ovulation...   fmorris - Do you get blood work done? Maybe that indicated something..My doc had me trigger last night and insem tomorrow which is 36 hours post trigger. What time do they want to trigger and what time do they want to insem? It sounds like you will...
Hi everyone! I had a horrible experience with my insem last month and I was just so depressed I had no desire to talk about it. We are trying once more (hopefully) this week and then will be taking a long health/financial break until the summer. Much luck to all who are inseminating soon or in the tww!
Congratulations Granite!! I am so happy and excited for you!!!
Granite that is so exciting!!!! 
Thank you for the advice Cordelia! The craziness is in full effect!   I got a call back from the nurse and I will be going in tomorrow at 12pm.
KWPX2 - Wow! Crazy that you just had this conversation. The nurse got back to me and I am going in tomorrow at noon. I am so lucky I priority overnighted the swimmers which will arrive by 11am tomorrow morning. What a roller coaster! She also told me not to trigger.   sphinxy - Thank you so much for the advice!   edited: Twomommy - thank you for the quick response. She told me not to trigger so I will just follow her instructions on that one. Thank you so much...
I usually get a positive opk in the morning and get crosshairs the next day. I didn't use opks this cycle because I had no hope for my follicles and was being monitored by ultrasound. I very well could have even had a positive yesterday. I just have no idea. Thank you for your help.
Hi everyone - I am in a bit of a panic and could use your help. I also posted this in queer preg/parenting.   Because I was curious, I used an OPK this afternoon and it was a strong positive. Would you try to move up the insem to tomorrow instead of Thursday? My RE is going to think I am crazy but does it make sense to trigger if I am already about to ovulate? I already left a message with RE but I am not sure I will hear back so late in the day. Thanks so much for any...
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