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I replied to another thread of yours as well. I too had an ectopic that partially ruptured and had to have emergency surgery for it. The dr. repaired my tube but it ended up becoming completely blocked d/t scaring. I also have a dominant ovary on the bad side so I have been unable to conceive for almost a year. Anyway, as far as being scared to get pregnant again, that is completely understandable. However, if you had an ectopic unrelated to infection or other diseases...
Wow, that sounds like me. I too had an ectopic and it partially ruptured. They surgically fixed my tube but it turns out it is completely blocked from scaring. My dr also said it decreases my chances 15-16%. However I too have a dominant ovary and have been ovulating out of it for the past 10 months. Anyway. Dr put me on clomid this month and I got two follies on the good side. I'm 4 dpo and am Hoping it worked this month. I started going in for 12 day ultrasounds and then...
I keep reading these threads and have decided to join in. It really is nice to know there are people going through the same thing. Anyway, i have been TTC for almost a year now. Just started clomid and am 5 dpo. I'm dying to test. I keep thinking I'm having cramping but I'm sure it's in my head. I Congrats to the ladies who got bfp's
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