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Just wanted to pop in and share a picture of my daughter! She's 3.5 weeks old now. C-section went as planned, but it was still a bit scary.  
Thanks for the well wishes everyone! I'm so nervous and excited!   Sparklemaman, what a rough weekend! Sending you positive thoughts. I hope your baby stays put.   JustJenny, I have tons of rib pain, mostly when sitting. The reason for me is that my baby's head is up in my ribs. I had bad hip pain for a while too, like Sparklemaman said, from the stretching and relaxing of the ligaments. I didn't buy a pregnancy pillow, but I did buy an extra firm pillow to keep...
I'm having a c-section this Friday! Since I have GD and I'm taking medication for it, I'm having the baby at 39 weeks. Since the baby is breech, I need to have a c-section.
I'm having a girl on 9/6 by scheduled c-section (due to medicated GD and breech).
Congratulations beingmommy!!!   JustJenny, sorry about the morning sickness. I still throw up once a week even at 37 weeks myself.   revolting, my hemoglobin was low too. I started taking iron supplements, and it actually did make me feel more energetic.   My pregnancy has gotten a little complicated. I have my GD under control with the lowest possible dose of glyburide. The doctors are happy with my blood sugar now, but I'm still labeled high risk. They want...
Awww, that stinks. It will be okay though. I was really scared of checking my blood sugar at first. I'm very squeamish, especially about needles. But I'm totally used to it now.
Thanks for the ideas everyone! I still was having trouble controlling my blood sugars, so I'm on glyburide now, very low dose.
You are definitely not a failure. If you do turn out to have GD, it's just something your placenta does. It is not your fault. I got something in the 160s for my screen as well.   What you ate the night before should not have affected the test, so don't worry about that either.   I couldn't get through the 3-hour test myself. Consuming that much liquid on an empty stomach made me vomit, but I still have morning sickness.
I don't think you should be concerned about your weight at all. I have GD and I was 102 lbs prepregnancy (I'm 5'2").   From my experience, it's also entirely possible that you wouldn't have any warning signs or symptoms yet. I was tested at 28 weeks, but my normal everyday blood sugars didn't start showing any problems until 31 weeks.   I agree with dalia that you should just eat normally. The screen isn't the real test anyway.   Good luck with your screening!
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