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On babycenter.com there's a community group called babywearing swap where you can buy, sell or trade!
Ps I had a homebirth in a pool and also found it was much easier (though I have nothing to compare it to, can't imagine I personally could've birthed outside of the pool).. You might find a water birth would help you, especially because you can explore positions that take the pressure off your back, like squatting or all fours.
I have lower back issues after breaking my pelvis is 3 places a few years back.. Pregnancy actually made the pain subside due to the hormone relaxin (I guess). As for baby wearing, I suggest trying carriers on before commuting to one because I bought a beco Gemini, which looks super supportive, but hurt my lower back after 5 minutes because of the placement of the lower strap. I found that mei tai style ties a bit higher on the waist and was much more comfortable....
Eek! I'm actually going to meet mine today and I didn't even consider snacks, etc... but I'll also have a midwife and doula at the house and can't imagine being in the mindset to host while birthing. ahhh!    @mommyshanti, i totally know what you mean! I was lucky enough to find a photographer in my area who is working on a home birth documentary book - birth photos are free as long as I agree to let them be in her book, which may be a bit embarrassing, but hey.....
Hi ladies! I haven't really been active on this thread, but I'm so excited because ill be 37 weeks on Tuesday and I am one hose to sink adaptor away from a completed birth kit, so I just had to share! Sky, I'm also totally looking forward to the labor and birthing part. Now that I can stop obsessively worrying that he'll be premature and necessitate a hospital delivery (knock on wood, two more days!), I'm getting giddy and ready to meet my lil man... when he's ready to...
Actually it's called the wrap duo by wrapsody
Just got mine! So pretty!!! Xoxoxo!
My doula just recommended the wet wrap she said it was a lifesaver with a summer baby. Not only can it go in the water, but it wicks away sweat and moisture
I come up against this a lot.. Due in a few weeks and just the other day a coworker was telling me about her amazing planned c-section in "the hospital you think you're not going to". Honestly, I just shrug it off, laugh and change the subject. I think your fears about your hubby's family "turning" him are pretty valid. When you're ready, try to find a childbirth education class that's tailored toward homebirth. My mom was vehemently against the homebirth until she...
Has anyone heard of this brand? Tried it? Loved it/Hated it?   I saw it on sale in my local drugstore and when I looked it up the ingredients looked pretty good (although I can't find them listed anywhere exactly.. here's the only info/review i could find: http://justanotherhat.blogspot.com/2011/12/berkley-green-earth-friendly-cleaning.html)   Like I said, it seems great, but the lack of information/reviews scares me. Any thoughts?
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