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Potty trained my son starting at 2. It takes a few months of accidents, going to the potty many many times, bringing changes of clothes everywhere and a lot of poop clean up. The no bottoms really worked for us and I did not revert back to diapers if it was going to be inconvient. He is now 2.4 and tells me when and will go by himself. He still can't pull his bottoms down.
Anyway got my period one week late and feel like the weaning caused it. Oh the relief.
Has anyone's periods been weird after weaning? We weaned at 27 months and my period is late, first period after weaning 10 days ago.Please no maybe your pregnant.
My son also has a slight cross. The doc we just saw said to wait until he is four because if we use glasses now his eye will straighten but he will need glasses for life. He wants us to wait and give his eyes a chance to grow. He told us most docs will want us to start with glasses. Just my experience, our son is two and has not communicated that he has trouble seeing.
We do rainbow light gummies.
Yes, done in an hour. Less oven and more stovetop cooking. Butterflied chicken breast, veggie rice and salad are an example. It also helps to have good equipment.
Oops, the best thing is to take a stool sample in to see what or if you have them. We are abroad so it is easy and you can get the medicine over the counter. There are many natural ways to work on getting rid of them too.
So, we have two side by side mattress on the floor. My son is 2 now.The nighttime sleeping is so much better, he is doing 8 to 10 hours of solid sleep. We are happy co sleeping and being in the same room, so putting him in his own room is not the idea I am looking for. My question is at what age could you nurse, kiss goodnight and leave the room to let them fall asleep without laying next to them?
It really works. I also add some hydrogen perioxide, water and gse for a douche. Fast acting relief.
New Posts  All Forums: