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Thank you for your replies! I checked out siblign w/out rivalry on your suggestion and am reading through it right now. I'm also going to try the stuffed animal, as most of his have been 'adopted' by his sister. I just want to say, that he generally is sweet and patient with his sister-- hopefully the good will out weigh the bad in the future! 
Thank you so much for your reply. AFter a lot of thought and research, we decided to get a luggage cart for the radian. It worked so well-- my husband said traveling was a breeze with the luggage cart, even with a layover. I just didn't feel comfortable putting him in a booster for the first time in a rented car; especially when they will be driving long distances. I will keep an eye out for the snugride for sure!
My son is 4.5, and weighs 40 pounds. He rides daily in a radian (FF), which has an upper weight limit of 65 pounds, so he'll be in that for a while I hope.   We are looking for a lighter, inexpensive carseat to use on a family trip that will be easier to lug around the airport. I looked into the cosco scenera, which was reccomeneded on a previous thread, but then I realized it's max FF weight is just 40 pounds, so it won't work. It seems like the other in expensive...
I had a similar thing with my second child. i was so worried about announcing! I waited nearly 3 months before telling my parents. I was shocked-- most of the responses were fairly positive. And when my dad found out that I was worried about telling people that we were having two so close together, he had all his brothers and sisters in law call me and tell me what a great idea it was to have 2 under 2. (He never out and out told me he was behind the calls, but it doesn't...
that sounds crummy... I do think think it would have been better to leave the kiddo at home.
I'm at my wit's end with this latest behavior from my 4 yo son-- all my old tricks aren't working anymore :) The problem is two fold   - he's been saying the word 'stupid' a lot. Sometimes he'll use it to insult someone, like stupid mama! or she's so stupid... and sometimes he'll just say it randomly. -When he's upset, he's been saying just horrible things-- like "I don't love you anymore", "You are always the problem", "I want you to go away", "get out of my house"...
We only have carseats in one car, but DH WAH, and I don't work. Even then, it gets annoying sometimes. I can see how if we both worked outside the home we'd want to get a second set of car seats. This reminds me of when I was young, and my mom was going to night school-- my dad and her would meet on the road and just switch cars with the kids inside :)
Stucke, I"m so sorry you had to spend mother's day alone. I am very glad that you are thinking of the happy memories that you had with your son. You are brave, you are strong! Sending my thoughts and prayers your way.  
Yay! We use songs quite a bit-- i just recently came across the term 'light motif'... so moms and composers have quite a bit in common!
  lol... it's made up... the song is "patience, patience, mama is gonna get his ." totally made up tune. The rules are that 1) I agree that I am for sure going to do or get, what the kiddo wants (so no means no, and no song) and 2) we all sing the song until I"m done doing whatever I need to do. We started it when I needed to nurse the baby, or  cook or pee etc. Honestly, the song helps me not forget what I promised I would do, and gives the kids...
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