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this:   It won't be this way forever-- pretty soon you'll be hitting the second trimester stride! In the mean time, I'd actually focus on finding ways to relax. Get a maid, if you can. Eat out (if possible).  
Not a special needs mama, but I saw this pop up on new threads, and thought of this tutorial:   http://iammommahearmeroar.blogspot.com/2010/04/always-tuck-me-in-shirt.html   You may need to cut the onsie at the seams and it may not go all the way from one side to another, but it would be straight line sewing. HTH
I consider myself fairly frugal, but this happens to me sometimes. I call it getting the "i wants". For example, I started sewing a bit more this year, and truly did need to buy a few things. But with all the looking at things, going into shops, researching items online, I started to buy more and more. What I do is just STOP buying things cold turkey, and (the key) also stop going online or in the stores to look for stuff. I'll even tell my husband-- hey I have the "I...
Or anyone interested in starting one? I have a toddler (22mos) and a 6month old, and I'd love for them to meet some kids their age-- and I'd LOVE to meet some MDC mama's IRL!   Let me know if you are interested by posting on this thread or PMing me; and we'll try to get something set up!
My son has slept on a full mattress on the floor since he was about 10 months old. I feel very safe with that.
This is very important.    
I use a china marker to label things in the fridge. It's pretty 'permanent' in the fridge, but comes of easily with hot water. It's fabulous for labeling breastmilk bottles etc.   My big tip for using leftovers is to just not cook. You'll eat whatever's in the fridge if you are hungry.
Firstly, Indian IL's come in all different flavors, just like the rest of them. Steryotypes like they like to cook, they are neat, won't help you.    Be yourself. I'd make sure to greet them with a smile, don't put pressure on yourself to cook special food aside from being respectful of their vegetarian-ness. I would put a little effort into find out about the cultural outlets in your area-- locate a grocery store, theater (if you have one), temple (which you've already...
I'm so sorry! I've been meaning to update! I started taking the zoloft (which ended up costing a whopping 5 dollars for a 30 day supply) exactly 3 weeks ago today. For me, it seemed the effect was instantaneous! I have energy! I was worried about being on 'happy pills', but really the difference is that I can be annoyed instead of enraged; disappointing instead of devastated, or mad instead of a murderous rage. I have thought about it so much-- there was no way to...
*sigh* ... so I've decided I'm just going to save my pennies for a dslr (but they are soooo expensive). I've been reading and reading, and it seems like that 'blurred' background is not really possible (for portraits) with any point and shoot. (Thats correct, right, lone girl?). I've been looking and looking and now I have a dream slr and lens picked out.
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