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What a neat question!     I love this! I do feel sometimes people who have less than us, spend quite a bit more than us. And I'm sure the opposite is true as well.  It's like living in a different reality when people talk about different levels of spending. This thread is enlightening!
I'm having such a hard day, and I don't know what to do. My kids will not sleep at the same time. From 6am to 11:30 pm one of them is up. My son is STTN, but my daughter will wake every few hours between 12am and 6 am.   I have a supportive husband and family, and I know I have so much to be greatful for. i love my children. But right now I just want to be away from them.
Best popcorn ever (indian spices):   heat oil +3 kernals once they pop, add turmeric, asofetida (trust me) and salt to the pot along with the rest of the kernals. near the end of the popping add sugar and chili powder.   enjoy!
lol!!!! This is so funny!
I love their ad campaign-- I've gotten positive bf feedback from the oddest places (my teenage cousins) since those ads came out. They also put out a CD-- 'sing to me' that has beautiful breastfeeding lullabyes.
How are you popping the corn? I always do stove top with a little oil, salt, spices etc. Always tastes fine the next day.
ummm... i handwrite notes... in print. I barely learned cursive my self, and hope that my kids won't be spending time on it the future.
I agree with you, op, 3-6 months or a little more if you are a single income family.
Honestly, I feel carters it the best bang for your buck (especially with babies that will outgrow more than once a season). And to save money; we buy very few outfits and do laundry often. (For my son) For my daughter, we buy absolutely nothing, and somehow are still up to our ears in clothes.
libman wonder mom. I love that it's not disposable, but I *can * buy a new mop head whenever one gets too grungy. And I can still mop without getting my hands dirty. My husband was in love with it the first time he mopped. Sooooo much easier, faster and more effective than the swiffer.
New Posts  All Forums: