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Well... this is my second load not rinsing, and they are coming out clean, but I'm putting maybe 1/4 of the plates in. I'm making sure everything is pointed straight down, and nothing is touching anything else.   I'm slowly trying to increase the amount of stuff in there and hoping I'll reach an equillibrium soon. DH is so excited about me 'experimenting' because dishes are normally his job.   Maybe loading very few dishes, mkks?
I just recieved a carseat this week from amazon. It was packed in the box it came in, (with the styrafoam, etc) and that was in another larger box with packing material. I think pp point about the manufacturers packaging is correct. I'd like to say, if the box was torn and ripped up, I'd probably return it. You simply don't have that recourse with airlines.
I really need to rethink the way we do dishes. Right now, we rinse the dishes until they are basically spotless, put them in the dishwasher, run the washer, unload it, and then put the dishes away.   I've recently read that rinsing dishes is no longer needed, but I somehow can't stop. If I leave even a bit of food, the dishes don't come clean. I was actually wondering if I'm over crowding the dishes? I tried putting very few (I mean, very very few) dishes in the...
sorry, I had a baby crying! I just wanted to quickly comment on something posted above. I really do think that people who keep their homes clean, clean/tidy quite a bit more than they realize. Yes they might only do a big clean once a week (or day, with kids) but I've been suprised at how much energy it takes to keep up the house. I've also watched other poeple who do seem more on top of things, and they put quite a bit of effort, it just seems to come more naturally to...
It's been a while since I've been able to update this thread, but I have thought about it often, in the past few weeks. Specifially:   1. my mil visit went much better than expected (this is HUGE!!!!) The kitchen was decluttered and rearranged, and I moved a bunch of MIL's stuff out. It was wonderful that she had to ask me where things were AND I knew where they were instead of the other way around. She is one of those 'organized hoarders' and it was so infuriating...
I'm so, so, so very excited!!!!   That is all.           Ok, no it's not! It's a t1i canon, and I'm hoping santa will bring me the 50mm 1.8 for christmas. I'm still working on learning how to use it, but I've gotten some great shots of baby chub. I wish I knew how to post pics in here.
unreal! I was looking for the holiday helper thread!
what is dionio.?  I'm so out of the loop! I'm thinking that we will probably be sticking with the complete air. My daughter really hates her current infant seat so we are itching to make a purchase.
which seats have 45 lb weight limits? I keep finding only 40lbs.
I have a regular true fit that I'd like to move my dd into; so I'm looking for a larger carseat for my son. He is roughly 33 pounds (and short-ish). I'm looking to spend 2-300 dollars at the most. Is the comfort air the best choice?
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