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This is a *huge* issue for me. Especially if you are into crafts; every peice of trim, ribbon, shiny paper that comes into your home has 'potential'. I could sit here and parrot all the advice on how the stuff is replaceable but the peace of mind is not but; to be honest; the only thing that made it click for me was watching that 'hoarders' tv show; and looking at my aunt's example. I feel terrible saying that; but watching their thought process; and watching what others...
Sorry! I just saw this. Bottom of the line cannon rebel (xs) and a 50mm prime lens. I think that will be more than enough to keep me busy. I'm planning on buying in a few years when I start work again; or when I win the lotto, whichever comes first. I'm trolling craigslist for it now; but DH doesn't want to buy cameras used. (what if it doesnt work, etc).
I hope I don't miss anyone! I've been a member of this forum a long time; and so very much appreciate teh advice I get here. I know it takes time to read and reply to a post; and really want everyone to know that I read every post. Thank's so much for all teh congratulations and well wishes!   Tincia; I have been suprised in teh past few days how it *is* much eaiser to keep clean when there is less stuff. It's hard for me to throw out things as well. I also would not be...
OK! Sorry folk's kids have literally not been sleeping at the same time so I never had a chance to update. But hubster's is on duty now so I can get back to everyone!   Firstly, my progress... I did organize the nursery, scrub all the downstairs base boards; wash all the walls I could etc. I only have the kitchen and master bedroom to reorganize. (I know those will be hardest for me!). So, all in all, I could invite any of you all over and not be embarrassed as long...
Thank you for all the responses! i'll reply more at nap. This weekend we didn't get as much done as I expected. Hugs to all of you dealing with this problem! I'll write more soon!
when dd was 6 mos was the first time that I could breathe.
3 months both times.
This is the thing I'm suprised about the most. Having a clear room for me is almost anxiety producing! No wonder I coudln't keep it clean. I wonder if having it decorated/pictures up on teh wall etc would make it feel more like home.       Thanks! I will keep posting my progress; mostly because I'm ashamed to brag to anyone else. About the click.... I cheated. I've recently started on antidepressents and feel better than I have in years!  
Thank you so much for this post! I feel like I should print it out so I can keep it with me as I clean. (but I won't as that would be clutter!).   I'm suprised at how emotional this stuff is for me. And I'm not saying that my home looks like better homes and gardens either-- I can defnitely see myself going through these rooms again and again in the coming years.    
Sorry! I should have addressed DIY-- We've done quite a bit of the house ourselves, but the front of our home is pretty large; and most of it is two stories high with ceilings... I don't think we'd ever be able to do it ourselves; even without the kidlets.
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